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You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

A better way

How many times have you wanted to store multiple pieces of data – of different types — in one place?

You could use VARIABLE TO BLOB and BLOB TO VARIABLE. But let’s be honest, this sucks. To retrieve the 7th item, you have to retrieve the six items before it, and you have to try to remember (or document) what each anonymous item in the BLOB is. No thanks.

There has to be a better way…

ObjectTools to the rescue

ObjectTools is a plugin that gives you a full suite of commands for managing an object. An object is sort of like a BLOB, but instead of accessing anonymous items sequentially or by offset, you access each item by name.

What can you store in an object? Just about anything.

  • Any variable type except 2D arrays
  • Entire records
  • Other ObjectTools objects

But wait, there’s more

Because you can nest objects, you can create complex hierarchical data structures with ease. You can directly access, modify and delete array elements within an object without copying the array into a variable. You can store and retrieve the current record of any table with a single command. And of course you can convert an object to and from a BLOB, so you can store it in a table or on disk.

How’s that for convenience?

A million and one uses

ObjectTools’ uses are limited only by your imagination. Some common uses include:

  • Storing preferences
  • Saving and restoring AreaList Pro configuration
  • Passing parameters in interprocess messaging systems
  • Reducing process variables and tables by putting related data into objects

What are you waiting for? Download ObjectTools and give it a try.

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The amount of time it saves and quality of the plugin are priceless!– Balinder Walla

This tool is so essenial!– Pluto Ng
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