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Seeing is believing

Prepare to be amazed

How long do you think it would take to go from a static web site design to a fully functional online catalog? Would you believe 5 minutes?

In this screencast you can watch the process of transforming a static site into a dynamic Active4D site. Along the way you will see a few key features of Active4D being demonstrated.

I’m currently putting the finishing touch on our new web project using Active4D, and I must say, the experience so far is amazing.– François Blackburn
5 minute catalog

Demonstrated features

Writing real 4D code in a web page
Direct access to the database engine
Session support
Multi-language Unicode support
Productivity-boosting enhancements to the language
TextMate macros that speed coding

Still not convinced?

It costs nothing to try Active4D. You can use it for up to 8 hours continuously before relaunching 4D. This gives you lots of time to play around and even start developing your first great web site with Active4D.

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After spending a few days with Active4D, we understood how to accomplish every item on our wish-list. Ten days later we had a full-featured site to demo. We were all amazed at how quick the development was.– Brett Karopczyc
Bristol Capital

Simplicity, beauty and usability are the hallmarks of great software