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More features means more productivity

Features galore

A blazing fast, fully dynamic embedded scripting engine which executes real 4D code
Nearly 300 new web-focused commands to increase your productivity
Extensive Ajax support, including JSON and UTF-8
Productivity-boosting enhancements to the 4D language
Foreign language friendly — 100% Unicode throughout
Supports v11/v12/v13/v14
Mac + Windows, 32-bit + 64-bit all in one plugin
Transparent cookie and file upload support
A host of debugging tools
Works with 4D’s built in web server or NTK
Use 4D Standalone, 4D Server, or 4D Client as a web server
Dedicated mailing list for support, newbies welcome!
600 pages of detailed, easy to understand documentation
And much, much more

What are you waiting for?

It costs nothing to try Active4D. You can use it for up to 8 hours continuously before relaunching 4D. This gives you lots of time to play around and even start developing your first great web site with Active4D.

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Active4D is THE enabler for 4D on the web. After 5 years, it continues to impress with its breadth of features, its depth of execution, and its incredibly detailed documentation. You’ll be hooked at first try.– Michael Check
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